What is the status of Zambia’s implementation?

Zambia joined the EITI in 2009 as candidate country and became compliant on 19th September 2012. To become EITI compliant Zambia was required to produce Reconciliation Reports on what Mining Companies pay to the Government and what Government receives as revenue from Mining Companies.

Another requirement for Zambia to become EITI compliant was to produce a Validation Report. The validation Report is a quality assessment mechanism to ensure that EITI principles and standards are adhered to by the specific country.

Zambia became EITI Compliant on 19th September 2012. This implies that Zambia has put in place effective processes for enhancing transparency and accountability in the mining sector to enable the country to maximise benefits from the sector. Zambia is the first country in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa to become EITI compliant. It is also the 15th in the World out of 35 countries who are currently implementing the EITI.

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