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About the Zambia Extractive Industries Trasparency Initiative

Public debate about how Zambia could better manage its mineral resources is important. This is an ongoing conversation between government, civil society, mining companies and the communities affected by mining. Do we have the best policies? What is working? What could we improve so that Zambia benefits?

In order to have this debate, we need reliable and accurate information rooted in fact. This is where the Zambian Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative, or ‘ZEITI’ comes in. Every year, government and the mining industry discloses information about the sector to the ZEITI which is published in an annual report. A multi-stakeholder group representing Zambian government, civil society and industry also meet to oversee the data collection.
Having this reliable, independently verified information helps to give Zambia the following:
  • Increased trust
  • Better information
  • Good policies
With the information supplied by ZEITI, it is then up to the actors in society (government, communities, industry) to take the next step – towards better policy, better regulation and a healthier industry for Zambia.

A well Informed, educated and engaged citizenry, prudently utilized mineral resources and equitable socio-economic development.

To promote transparency and accountability in the governance of the mining sector in order to contribute to sustainable and equitable socio-economic development of Zambia.

To achieve 100% disclosure of information on the mineral value chain by 2019